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The Octagon is my business octagonal building adjacent to my house at Österlen, Sweden. An Octagon is the symbol of restoration, wholeness, infinity, rebirth and transition.
I'm Swedish and Danish Certified, Leg. Integrative Psychotherapist, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist and Leg. Public Health nurse. Trained in DK, S, and in the United States. Trained advanced facilitator, under the externalization training program, led by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler - Ross, a pioneer in the hospice movement in the United States, and author of many books. As a result of this, I am since18 years, member of the global network.
I speak and write Danish, Swedish and English.
During my working life I have worked and lived many years in Denmark, just under two years in Saudi Arabia and in Sweden. I have traveled in Asia, Oceania, Africa, Caribien and the United States.
My own life story has brought several major changes, crises that I never thought possible to live through. The Earth I went on was shaken. From these inner earthquakes occurred a need to search, that brought me out in the world and at the same time into myself. I have lived through the sadness, anxiety, pain, depression, stress, fatigue and life threatening disease. I have experienced the breakpoints that finally has turned life to something new and life-affirmative.
With long experience of cancer care, rehabilitation and palliative care, I have specifically chosen to help people and families during life's many transitions that means that life pattern is broken and is changing to something new and unknown. It can be difficult to find a foothold in everyday life during this process.
Specifically I am interested in expressive psychotherapy. For me it means that I have learned to be sensitive to both what is said and what is not said often, I use body language, dream images, pictures, imagery and creativity, the creative language, as a method to capture the unconscious wires which is a help to understand and deal with a situation in need of help to understand to develop. Creative expression is a method for self development.
I am a lecturer worldwide, I have presented lectures at the World Congress of Psychotherapy in Sydney, Australia, in Durban, South Africa, and this coming summer 2017 I will present my talk at the World Congress in Paris. I published a book in 2014: "The Death Midwife". I offer courses and workshops as advertised here on my website. I am an experienced tutor and has supervised the personnel groups and at managerial level. I am a member of the social welfare committee in the Municipality I live and I am the General Secretary of the European cooperation in ECEAT International. In my house in the hills of Rörum, Österlen, I breed pedigree cats and puppies. It helps me to see and appreciate the newborn and fragile in the present, in life. Same newborn and fragile that lives inside every man who dares to put himself in development, dare to take the step towards change. The animals and nature has a great importance for the health and well-being, and I started farming when the project nature supported rehabilitation was part of my business. Nature-assisted rehabilitation, NUR, has now evolved to be a natural part of Region Skåne's offer.
I also accept clients in the center of Copenhagen, in Jorcks passage of Stroget.


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